The Writer:

I’m just your average idiot. Twenty three years old and living on the west coast of Canada, I have two cats and just about nothing good to do with my time.

I’m the acting store manager of Cheeky Pea and Isla’s personal assistant, and a casual pose creator with my own store, double take.

The Blog:

Originally called Casa de Smurf, Casa de Val was established on Leap Day 2012, and is your premier guide to home and garden shopping in Second Life.

I’ve also slowly ventured into fashion, mostly because I like taking pictures of pretty things.


I’m absolutely willing to trade blog links! Just send me a message via the medium of your choice including your name and URL, and when you add me, I’ll be sure to add you back.

I eagerly accept review copies, and would be honoured to be put on your blogger list. But even with that said, I’m not obligated to blog what you send me unless I specifically request it. Please don’t be offended! Just because it doesn’t fit my style doesn’t mean it’s not a great item.



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