I’m so excited about this. Like, so excited. I’ve been getting glimpses of this build as it was being created, and man, the finished product does not disappoint.

This beautiful little skybox from Llorisen has such a wonderfully neutral colour palette that it can work for nearly any style of decor you want to go with.


It’s has a large, open floor plan, with five rooms for you to play with, and big, bright windows for some beautiful shadows in your photography.

There are some amazing little features, too! My favourite, of course, are all the lofty details, such as the rafters, exposed bricks, and multiple levels.


Just like the last build that was released, there’s some texture change options in this one as well. The rug on the stairs, as well as the bench in the window seat have lots of options for you to choose, ranging from bright and happy, to soft and quaint.

Head over to Llorisen now to see this gorgeous, gorgeous skybox, even if you don’t need it! You won’t be disappointed, I promise!


4 thoughts on “Ciaran

  1. Dojiba says:

    I don’t need another skybox. But I went to see this and came home with a skybox! Great style and gorgeous textures. How could I resist?

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