Friday Favourites: 14 of 52

While furniture is nice, I love details, and that’s why what next is one of my favourite stores. The details and decor bits that come with her sets are perfect, especially when you mix and match them with other stuff.

Winter’s stuff just keeps getting better and better, and I’ve been a huge fan of her store for years!

Friday Favourites: 14 of 52

Here’s your junk:


Stool: what next – Finsbury Stool (2 LI, mod/copy) NEW!


Trunk: what next –  Valena’s Travel Trunk (3 LI, mod/copy)

Records: what next – Pile of Vinyl (5 LI, mod/copy)

Phone: what next – Marais Phone (6 LI, mod/copy)

Book: what next – Blogger’s Book & Pen Decor (2 LI, mod/copy)


Say what?

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