I’ve been a baaad blogger lately. I haven’t done any real posts because I’ve been so busy, but you’ll learn why in a moment. But anyway, I wanted to show you some more stuff from Tia just to enforce that the little stores are just as good as the big names.

The Copper Bathtub is an amazing little build. Each little table you see, the pillows, the buckets, are all one prim each, while the bath itself is incredibly detailed and well textured. Just like the bed I showed you in that last post, it’s also got some yummy erotic poses, too!

But back to why I’ve been so busy as of late. You may or may not have heard, Sway Dench has been confronted with a scary situation. In nearly three months, she will go into surgery, but forced to recover and stay off SL for almost 6 months. This means she may lose her sim.

I’ve been heading a fundraiser to help raise the money to keep her sim afloat. I’ve been gathering designers, building the venue, and knee deep in general event planning craziness. If you want to help, please head over to the website and take a peek at not only the designers, but what’s going on with the fundraiser.


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