Play Time

Pilot finally has their stuff out for Cinema, and man, the wait was sure as hell worth it. Kaz has given us two new goodies that can be found over in the XXX section (like you haven’t been through that part front to back yet, you dirty birds.)

The Seduction Stool lives up to its name. It’s got 6 sexy dances, as well as 7 adult animations, including some of the good stuff, plus some, uh.. alone time, if you catch my drift. It comes with 6 different textures to pick from too, so there’s no excuse not to get it

His second release, however.. absolutely priceless. The Adult Toy Box is just that, a simple and incredibly well textured box of things you’d never want to find in your parents’ room. The box has 6 different colour options, while the DVD inside comes with 4 different titles for you to ‘watch’.


Say what?

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