The Final Friday

It’s the last Friday, and day, of August. We say goodbye to any shred of Summer that’s left, and if you’re anything like me, you’re dying to wear long pants again.

Not only is floorplan in Fifty Linden Friday (yay!) but what next has a new VIP gift out, just like I said they would! I love this bookshelf from floorplan; it’s so simple yet so creative. And as an addition to the set Winter released for the last FLF, the Mayfair Trunk now comes in an American print for the VIPs!

And if cheapies and freebies wasn’t good enough, Four Walls starts tomorrow! Man, am I excited about this. Four Walls is a home and garden hunt that I organized, and I’m proud to have what next and vespertine be a part of it!

The gift from what next is this adorable ladder and wall decal piece that comes with 15 animations and spots for two avatars, while vespertine has this great coffee table set that comes with some super cute candles.


Say what?

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