I always love the end of the month, cause it just means that new events and rounds are just around the corner. Not only is there a new round of Zodiac starting Thursday, but the grand opening of Pilot is on the 25th.

But first, Cheeky Pea has this adorable photo display special for Zodiac’s Virgo round. For an insanely low prim count, you get eight freakin’ pictures. Don’t you just love mesh now?

Pilot‘s newness won’t be available until the grand opening (7PM SLT on the 25th) but it’s totally worth the wait. One reason I love Pilot is that it caters to the poorly ignored male market. The Snyder Tie Rack and Harford Patio set (which works equally well indoors) are part of a large release that we get to see on Saturday!

The Harford Patio set comes with some great poses for boys and girls, and even some couple stuff. The cushions are colour change, and even have a few more ‘girly’ patterns, and while they’re designed to work with the table (baked shadows) you can still pull them away and use them individually.


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