Spare Chair

So much from Cheeky Pea, Isla has been busy lately! Not only has she got stuff out for Vintage Fair and Collabor88, but we’ve got some newness for Fifty Linden Friday, too.

For Vintage Fair, Isla has created the Elanor Chair and Calla Desk. I love this desk. It has that great antique feel, but it fits perfectly into today’s styling. The bench (which isn’t linked so you can put it with any desk you have) has some great working poses, from laptops to paper, and phones to sleeping.

Brand new for FLF, The Old Memories Mirror is an adorable favourite. What I like about it the most is the fact that it’s got such a low prim count, but so many pictures for you to put your own memories in. It comes in three different colours and has those super cute glowing lights!

And back to Vintage Fair, I just wanted to show off all the neat patterns that are available with the Elanor Chair. It has a ton of single poses (mostly for girls, sorry boys), some even including props, and couple poses!


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