More FaMESHed! I know, surprise, right? I told you I was impressed! Even though summer is ending, we can still pretend it’s the middle of July. That’s the great thing about Second Life; it can be any time of the year we want it to be.

There’s tons in this set from Trompe Loeil. The texturing on the adirondack chairs is great, fabulous shading as always, and comes with a side table (textured just as well) in four different colours. Not only that, but there’s a matching umbrella that has, get this, 10 different textures to pick from.

The chairs (which have the footrest attached) have five nice and lazy animations that do incorporate the ottoman, which is really nice. It’s rare when you get something besides just a few plain old sits!

The Cerulean (best colour ever) Bistro Table from Cheeky Pea has a really neat set up. There’s a masculine and feminine chair, so there’s appropriate animations for everyone! Not only that, but there’s even some super cute couple animations.

In unrelated news, Vintage Fair opens at 4PM SLT, so check back here for a map of stores and accompanying SLURLs!


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