Tribeca Trifecta Pt. 1

More from the huge Wareham release, which honestly, has got to be the most impressive thing I think I’ve ever seen from The Loft. My favourite part of it has got to be the Tribeca bedroom set, and because I love it so much, there’s a ton I want to show you, but too much to cram into one post. So, this is just one of three!

I’m absolutely in love with the Tribeca Armchairs. The pattern is adorable, but not only that, it’s colour change. There’s three different fabric options, and 11 pillows to pick from; gotta love those insane mix and match options.

Though, the best part about the chairs has to be the animations. The whole set is incredibly family friendly, there’s poses for couples, and even something for the kids and their parents.

Aside from that, the set comes with the whole bedroom; desks, benches, TV, dresser, lights, and even some art. That doesn’t mean they have to be used just for your room though. The best part about the Tribeca set though, is definitely the bed; it’s the reason I’m doing three posts about it! Though today, you get just a taste to entice you to come back tomorrow ;)

I’m astounded by the insane amount of colour change options that are available. The headboard, drapes (both separate) and everything on the bed can be completely customized to fit any room. I tried to get as many different styles here, just to show you what kind of combinations you can get, but honestly, it’s impossible to show you everything.


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