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There’s a huge, incredible new release from The Loft, as I’m sure all of you have seen on flickr or in world. Colleen has joined forces with Nardya Rousselot of Nardcotix to bring as the fully furnished Wareham house, even complete with a laundry room.

I’m seriously blown away by this set. Not only does it include the cupboards, counter and various pieces of decor, but probably the most amazing washer and dryer set that I’ve ever seen on SL; it actually functions, and I’ll bet you’ve never enjoyed doing laundry until you tried this.

A click of the door opens it, and a click of the button turns it on. The washer goes through the actual cycles, making typical noises such as water filling and that shaking racket. The washer has particle bubbles, and both machines actually spin. I seriously sat here and just played with it for a few minutes.

And because I’m an idiot and didn’t even check so I never got pictures, the machines have animations, too! You can load the machine, fold your clothes, and chill out on top while you wait for the cycles to end. Definitely worth a peek in world.

I have more from the Wareham house for the next few days, but be warned, it’s a HUGE post.


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