I know some of you were expecting my masturbation post today. Yeah.. about that. Change of plans! Tomorrow, I promise. You can watch me play my fiddle then ;) ANYWAY.. With Fifty Linden Friday back up and running (thank GOD), I decided to do an ‘omg it’s new RIGHT NOW’ post.

Loft’s new Wareham chair is out in probably the best colour ever. The best thing about these chairs, besides the insanely low LI, is the fact that there’s this incredible sequence option, which plays a series of corresponding animations which change about every 5 seconds. It’s amazing, you must check it out. Don’t worry, fellas, it’s guy friendly.

Art Dummy has this adorable new bench set in three colours that you can scoop today. The shadow work is great, and there’s lots of lazy, loungey animations for you to play with.

Here’s your junk:

Chair: The Loft – Wareham Side Chair Teal (2 LI, trans) NEW!

Table: Art Dummy – wait. bench (4 LI, mod/copy) NEW!

Birds: The Loft – Wooden Bird (3 LI, copy)

Box: MudHoney – Laura Fridge Crate (3 LI, mod/copy)

Books: MudHoney – Mesh Books (1 LI, mod/copy)


Say what?

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