It’s Just Business

This is my first, uh.. adult post, and honestly? I’m kinda excited. I mean, we’re all mature adults here, right? There’s nothing wrong with a few naughty bits and showing off what you can do with them. Embrace your sexuality, damnit!

The ropes bite into her skin, pulled tight after what felt like hours of struggling. The only thing that stops her is the click of highly polished shoes on the floor and the tall shadow leading them towards her.

At first, he doesn’t even look at her, simply setting his briefcase down against the wall before he adjusts his tie. In silence, he turns towards her, taking a few steps closer, and reaches for his belt buckle.

“Don’t worry, darlin’,” he says, looming over her. “It’s just business.”

Dutchie has an incredible new toy out, the Rusty Pipe. It’s a great BDSM and D/s (something I’ve always enjoyed) prop that comes with forty delicious couple poses, and a lot of them don’t need a partner to look good either. Hell, they don’t even need a partner to work, so you can use them for photo shoots by yourself.

The best part about this pipe is the fact that it has different stages of ‘play’. Start out with being captured, a little bit of foreplay, maybe some whipping, and finish off with the good stuff. It’s perfect for roleplay simply because of this great progression.

All the poses are so incredibly smooth and fluid. The movements aren’t sharp or jagged, and are perfectly realistic, they’re a pleasure to watch, which I find is pretty rare in sex animations. They even give out bullwhips and wrist ties when needed.

Part of me can’t believe I convinced Bouncer to do this with me, but he was a good sport and didn’t complain a bit. Who’d a thunk?


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