Sunny Side Up

It’s been so bright and sunny and warm lately, and thanks to Zinnias, I was able to bring that to SL! Her new set is amazing, as always, and has that pop of funky colour that I love so much. Not only that, but she’s ventured into MESH!

First off, more cuteness from floorplan. This message board is not only colour change like everything else in the store, but it comes with different messages and quotes to put on the surface, and even a blank texture so you can add your own custom words.

The La Gitana set has amazing details, and this just goes to prove what an amazing designer and creator Zinnia is. The texturing is fantastic, and the attention to detail is obvious.

Here’s your junk:


Table: Zinnias – La Gitana Gypsy-style Table (2 prims, copy) NEW!

Chairs: Zinnias – La Gitana Chair (1 prim, copy) NEW!

Wine Rack: Zinnias – La Gitana Kitchen Island (3 prims, mod/copy) NEW!


Candle: Zinnias – Mexito Candle stubby (2 prims, mod/copy) NEW!

Rug: Zinnias – La Gitana Gypsy-Style patterned mat (2 prims, mod/copy) NEW!

Art: Zinnias – Cactus Tryptich (1 prim, mod/copy) NEW AND FREE! and Zinnias – Starry Blossom Prints (1 prim, mod/copy) NEW!

Pot Rack: Zinnias – La Gitana Pot Hanger (10 prims, mod/copy) NEW!

Flower: Zinnias – Vase of Calla Lillies (3 prims, copy) NEW!

Message Board: floorplan – messageboard / pastel (3 prims, mod/copy) NEW!


Say what?

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