Lighten Up

It’s not often that I’m impressed. I mean really impressed. Sure, I like stuff all the time, I think things are really cute, but it’s rare that I’m actually impressed. This is one of those times. The new string lights from what next are fantastic!

The new Amalfi String Lights are totally amazing. Not only do they come in three colours (which prompted me to create this neat ombre) but they come with scripted and unscripted versions.

Another neat perk is the fact that you can tint the white bulbs to create any look you want, cause you know me, I gotta be able to mod the crap outta my stuff.

Here’s your junk:


Chairs: what next – Seaside Chic Deckchair (4 prims, mod/copy)

Towel:  what next –  Riviera Beach Towel (2 prims, mod/copy) NEW!


Beer: Bucket of Beer – Interior Addiction (8 prims, mod/trans)

Life Saver: The Boat Shack Life Saver – Interior Addiction (1 prim, trans)

Fish: Fish on a Rope – Interior Addiction (6 prims,mod/trans)

Barrels: Barrels – Interior Addiction (2 prims, mod/trans)

Lights: what next – Amalfi String Lights (4 prims, mod/copy) NEW!


Dock: MMGraffiti’s – Landing pier (8 prims shown, mod/copy)


Say what?

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