Working Hard or Hardly Working?

I love showing you guys previews of stuff. It gets me so excited for when the actual event is here. We’ve got more goodies from Mesh Around, and another peek at Zigana’s new build.

The more items I see from this hunt, the more impressed I get. Seriously! Mesh is starting to amaze in. The lines are so smooth, the textures are so crisp, and the primage is so looow.

The two participants for Mesh Around we got here are Organica and Baffle. Organica’s offering probably the best coloured chair ever, and yes, I am biased. It’s just like the previous SUYS release, just in a way awesome colour.

Baffle, on the other hand, is putting this great writing desk up for grabs, with all accessories included. Here is where you can really see what I mean by ‘smooth lines’ and ‘crisp textures’. Of course, this is all housed in Zigana’s new Di Mare build. The living room is opposite the dining area I showed you all yesterday.


Say what?

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