I’ve been sleeping like crap lately. My cat thinks it’s a swell idea to howl in the middle of the night so I’ll open the door. Lame excuse for getting my posts out late, but whatever, that’s all I got.

As if you haven’t gotten enough of the Home & Garden Expo already, I have more for you! I figure that the damned thing is so big that there’s got to be something you’ve missed. Hell, I know I’ve skipped over a ton of stuff.

As one of their Relay items, CIRCA has put out this great greenhouse that includes all the bells and whistles, and by that I mean shelves and planters and stuff. My favourite thing out of all that they offer has got to be the adorable dandelion decor they have. The lights are a special only at Expo, you can pick them up for only 10L, and the bottles are just so cute and simple, how can you not love them?

Here’s your junk:


Dandelion Lights: CIRCA – Backyard Dandelion Light (4 prims, copy) NEW!

Bottled Dandelions: CIRCA – Parkette Dandelion Bottles (6-10 prims, trans) NEW!

Terrariums: CIRCA – GeoDome Terrarium (15 prims, trans) NEW!

Irises: CIRCA – The GreenHouse Meadow Potted Iris (8 prims, trans) NEW!

Blonde Shelves: CIRCA – The GreenHouse Multi Stand 5 plants (23 prims, trans) NEW!


Greenhouse: CIRCA – LivingLife GreenHouse Mini with furnishings (24 prims, trans) NEW!


Say what?

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