Surf ‘n’ Turf

I was seriously this close to deleting my whole house and dropping this sucker down. It’s not often that I find something I like more than what I already have, but damn, Liz made it hard for me to resist.

The two bedroom Coastal Cottage not only looks great, and has all those features that all Thistle houses come with (texture change walls and windows) but it’s also a Relay item, so 100% of sales go to the Relay For Life. My favourite bit of this house has got to be the master bedroom, for obvious reasons..

Who wouldn’t want a view like that?! It’s the perfect little reading nook or the dreamiest spot to put your bed. Speaking of reading nooks..

Special for the Expo, and only found there at the moment, are these two great sets from what next and MudHoney. The Charlotte set comes with three different colour schemes to let you pick from, and the chairs, ottomans, and couches (not pictured) are all texture change. They’re just like the Lougin’ set, so they’ve got all the same poses and features.

And MudHoney is making their way into mesh! Yay! Just for Expo is the Laura set with great soft colours that went ridiculously perfect with Set B of the Charlotte set. The couch is a cute find and seats three people PLUS couples poses on poseballs, so that’s five people on one couch!

Here’s your junk:


Chair: what next – Charlotte Chair & a Half  (8 prims, mod/copy) NEW!

Ottomans: what next – Charlotte Ottoman (6 prims, mod/copy) NEW!

Table: what next – Charlotte Coffee Table (7 prims, mod/copy) NEW!

Sofa: MudHoney – Laura Sofa (7 prims, mod/copy) NEW!


Lights: MudHoney – Laura Lamp (2 prims, mod/copy) NEW! and what next – Charlotte Floor Lamp (6 prims, mod/copy) NEW!

Poof: MudHoney – Laura Ottoman w/ Blanket (4 prims, mod/copy) NEW!

Flowers: what next – Charlotte Lilies (2 prims, mod/copy) NEW!

Candles: what next – Charlotte Candles (5 prims, mod/copy) NEW!

Rug: what next – Charlotte Rug (1 prim, mod/copy) NEW!

Book: what next – Charlotte Book Decor (1 prim, mod/copy) NEW!

Art: what next – Charlotte Large Prints (1 prim, mod/copy) NEW!


House: Thistle – Coastal Cottage Structure (153 prims, mod/copy) NEW!

And just gunna say that the past three days, I’ve had more than 100 views each day. So proud of myself.


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