Why, Yes, I Do!

I’ve been lazy, uninspired, and SL has been putting up a hell of a fight to get me to log in, so hence why this post is so late. I was wracking my mind trying to think of what to post, cause I really hate missing more than one day, and then I realized ‘hey, I have my wedding set up all ready to go’.

I get creative to get what I want. I really wanted vines sprawling all over the fence, and the only way to do that was rip apart the wall ivy from Trompe Loeil and piece it together how I wanted it. Not only that, but I created the jars of flowers from all the new stuff from what next.

When stuff is mod, play around with it! You might come up with something you didn’t see before.

Here’s your junk:

Chairs: what next – Seaside Garden Chair (3 prims, mod/copy)

Lanterns: LISP – Mixed Lanterns (7 prims, copy/mod)

Vines: from Trompe Loeil – Wall Ivy Multi

Flowers: what next – All About Spring Planters (8 prims, mod/copy)

Path: TUFF – Dirt Path (1 prim, mod/copy)

Fence: by Horatio Clawtooth – fence/corral rails (1 prim, copy/mod)


2 thoughts on “Why, Yes, I Do!

  1. Lena says:

    Val where was that post when I needed deco for my wedding? Would have been perfect!

    I might need another wedding just so I can buy this stuff? Really cute!

  2. Valena says:

    Maybe cause this is for Val’s wedding! lmao Should Ellis and Lena renew their vows, you know where to find me!

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