Chic In The City

I love mesh. I really do. I don’t think scuplties could ever look as fantastic as mesh does, and this set from Abiss totally proves my point. Everything in the Dolly Chic set is mesh, and the designers brought up something I never realized before. While I mentioned that the size of mesh has an effect on land impact, the scripts do as well. Meaning, an object with no scripts will cause less land impact than the same object with scripts in it.

Anyway, let’s take a look at this adorable bedroom.

The baked lighting is FANTASTIC, and I’m super duper impressed. Notice the caps? I really mean it! The designers at Abiss are so damned talented when it comes to this kinda stuff; no detail is over looked.

The bed comes with a ton of features. Single and couple poses, activities like laptops and breakfast in bed, sex (who doesn’t like sex?) and cuddles, and even a ton of different texture options for the blankets and sheets. I could actually do the math on this one, and with all the blanket and sheet textures, you can have an astounding 33 combinations!

Of course, half the set isn’t pictured. There’s tons of stuff, and it’s not limited to just the bedroom. You can use a lot of the items through your whole house, so why don’t you go take a look for yourself?

Here’s your junk:


Bed: Abiss – Dolly Chic White Washed Wood Bed (12 prims, mod/trans) NEW & MESH!

Bookshelf: Abiss – Dolly Chic Bookcase – Library (6 prims, mod/trans) NEW & MESH!

End Table: Abiss – Dolly Chic Night stand (1 prim, mod/trans) NEW & MESH!

Dresser: Abiss – Dolly Chic Dresser (3 prims, mod/trans) NEW & MESH!

Desk: Abiss – Dolly Chic Console table (1 prim, mod/trans) NEW & MESH!


Candles: North West – Candlesticks – beige (2 prims, copy)

Flowers: Abiss – Dolly Chic Vase / Iris Blue (4 prims, mod/trans) NEW & MESH!

Makeup: Fluid Furniture – StarDust Makeup Kit (8 prims, trans)

Mirror: Bazar – Mirror (4 prims, mod/copy)

Perfume: LISP – Perfume Bottle (2 prims, mod/trans)

Lamp: Abiss – Dolly Chic Night table lamp (3 prims, mod/trans) NEW & MESH!

Phone: what next – Marais Phone red (9 prims, mod/copy) MESH!

Chandelier: Abiss – Dolly Chic Chandelier (7 prims, mod/trans) NEW & MESH!


Wallpaper: inSight Designs Textures – Grunge White Wall Textures

Flooring: inSight Designs Textures – Country Carpenter


2 thoughts on “Chic In The City

  1. Valena says:

    Me too! I loooved all the different options that came with the sheets. And I’m glad you liked it :D As you can tell, I’m a little biased towards you :P

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