House of Carrie

Normally when I get houses to review, I pack them full of furniture, but when Emery presented me with this build, I was completely torn about whether or not I should decorate it, mainly because it would’ve hidden the bare beauty of the apartment. And once you see it, you’ll understand what I’m talking about! So, instead, this is a simple showcase of an amazing skybox.

This build is based off Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment on Sex and The City, so if you watch it, you’ll instantly fall in love with the apartment. For those that don’t, I’ll explain what it’s like. As you can see, it’s a one room apartment that’s split into three divisions with a kitchen off to the side and a bathroom tucked in the back.

The kitchen is all included. What? Yes! The stove, fridge, counters, sink, and built-ins are all part of the apartment! There are also great shadow prims under every shelf through the whole build, and if, for some reason, you don’t want them, you can get rid of them since they aren’t linked.

The bathroom has a ton of built-ins too. Totally saves you from going shopping. Toilet, sink, and bathtub are all part of the built, and get this, the bath actually works. A simple click of the shower head will start the shower, and a click of the faucet will fill the tub.

The bathroom has a door which leads into the walk in closet (every girl’s dream) which leads back into the main apartment. All the doors work, too, and they aren’t on a timer, which, being an RPer, I personally like. It’s so awkward when doors randomly close on your face.

The whole build has amazing textures and every little detail is put into place, from the molded archways and door frames to the sculpted baseboards. Hell, there’s even thresholds (those little lips that cover the gap between two types of floors)! I’m super impressed with this build, and anyone who knows me, knows I’m a pretty damned picky person.

Here’s your junk:


Couch: Art Dummy – the edge of winter. couch (14 prims, mod/copy)

Ottoman: Art Dummy – the edge of winter. decorative ottoman (6 prims, mod/copy)

Mirror: Turnip’s Homes and Stuff – Bubble Bathroom Cabinet (8 prims, copy)


Coffee Pot: The Loft – Cafetiere Lights (4 prims, trans) MESH!

Coffee Mug: The Loft– Logie Coffee Cup (2 prims, copy)

Towel: Turnip’s Homes and Stuff – Bubble Bathroom Towels (1 prim, copy)

Toiletries: Turnip’s Homes and Stuff – Bubble Bathroom Toiletries pack (1 prim, copy)


House: Commoner – Apt. C (346 prims, mod/copy) NEW!


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