Easter Egg Hunt? You Bet!

The Nest throws great events all year round, and Easter is no exception. Perfect time for a little egg hunt, am I right? Course it is! From now until April 10th, you can find some great little goodies hidden around the sim. All you gotta do is look for the participating stores (they’ll have signs out front) and find the basket of Easter eggs.

Now, I’m not going to TELL you where the eggs are, cause that would just ruin the fun, but I’ll show you what’s inside once you crack those puppies open.

Skybox: CIRCA

Bench: Second Spaces

Frame: Robin’s Home and Garden MESH!

Eggcups: what next

Skybox: CIRCA

Chair: True Love Never Dies

Tulip Vase: Tranquility Way Station

Lilly Vase: beach street

Birdhouse: Thistle

House: Kukuvaya

Patio Set: fucifino

Tree: Hyperbole MESH!

Cloud and Icecream Attachments: kusshon

House: Kukuvaya

Painting and Living Room Set: Cleo Design

Head on over to The Nest, and don’t forget to pick up your free egg basket before you start hunting!


2 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunt? You Bet!

  1. Valena says:

    Ahaha thanks! I squealed the moment I found it, you can get ANY player you want, too!


    SLURL is in there :)

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