Gatcha, Getchya, Gotchya! Vol. 2

Second round of gatchas! This time, we have what next, Art Dummy, and kusshon. Let’s see what I managed to find..

What next has two out, but in different locations, one at the main store, and one at the outlet, where lots of juicy discounts can be found on older items.

First, the main store. Some very cute hat stands, though I’m not sure how long they’re going to be around as it’s a winter themed item, and last time I checked, I lost an hour of sleep. Nice scuplts at only 50L a play, and are 5-7 prims, depending on which one you get your hands on. Thankfully, permissions are mod/trans, so you can add/subtract whatever you want. Interested in trying your luck? Get them here!

At the outlet location are these adorable chairs. Five different colour schemes to get your hands on at 8 prims and a staggering 10L a pop! Seven cute animations, including this handstand. Interested in trying your luck? Get them here!

I’m a sucker for beds that have jumping animations. I dunno what it is, but I loove them. Anyway, Art Dummy offers a random pick of 5 different beds at 50L a play. They’re either 12 or 13 prims with transfer permissions and a selection of sleep poses to pick from. Interested in trying your luck? Get them here!

And the most for last! Kusshon has three up for grabs, first being a set of bean bags. Nine colours to pick from that offer 6 animations at only 2 prims! Only 45L a play, they come with only transfer permissions. Next up is their item from the Nest Gatcha. Chairs offered in five styles at 12 prims a piece with 8 animations and trans permissions. Only 85L a go! Last item is their Seasons Gatcha item, a sledge. Four colours, 9 prims, 8 animations, and trans permissions for only 55L. Interested in trying your luck? Get them here!

What gatchas have you come across in world that I haven’t posted yet? Drop me a line in world and let me know!


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