Tick Tock: A Week of Time, 4 of 7

You seriously have no idea how long it took me to find these damned things. ..Is it just me who sees the irony there?

All these clocks are animated, which is fantastic, especially the cat clock from Intrigue. The eyes and tails move, as they would like the ones you’ve probably seen in real life.

You’d think there’d be more clocks on the grid, but I was literally looking for hours and only found these. They’re a great part of decor, especially if you want something besides paintings and pictures, but sadly, people don’t seem to like them a whole lot, which sucks, cause I love having clocks in my house!

Funny thing, actually. After I finished typing this up, miss Winter of what next released some new clocks. Talk about timing! Ha. With lots of bright colours, the Cafe Retro Clocks are for sale right now.

Here’s your junk:

Cat Clock: Intrigue Co. – Retro Kitten Clock (11 prims, copy)

Plate Clock: North West – Clock on a Plate (6 prims, copy) Can configure timezone

Propeller Clock: chronokit – Clock No10 – propeller (10 prims, trans) Can configure timezone, FREE!

Round Clock: what next –  Laurel Cottage Wall Clock (6 prims, mod/copy)


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