Sunny Set: A Week of Time, 2 of 7

I’ve gotten a lot of people asking me where I got the furniture for my home, and as annoying as it is, I have to write out a notecard with landmarks every single time I do it, cause I’m too stupid to actually keep the notecard.

But now, I can just link them here!

This is my bedroom, IC and OOC, and I’ve often gotten comments on how much it looks like a sunset, and that’s a pretty damn good representation of time.

Keep in mind that I like to mod my stuff a whooole lot, so what you see here might not be exactly what you’re going to find in store.

This bed has 7 different texture options, which I mixed and matched to get what I wanted. Curtains by Dutchie open, and the ones by MMGraffiti’s have 12 different textures to choose from, and three different texture packs to buy, so that’s, like.. 36 different options.

Here’s your junk:


Bed: The Loft – Bailey Bed (10 prims shown, copy/mod)

Shelf: Tatty Soup – Recycled Door Brown – empty (8 prims copy/mod)

Lamps: The Loft – Hufnie Hanging Light (3 prims, mod/trans)


Rugs: LISP – Amelie Hoof Rug (1 prim, copy/mod) and Cheeky Pea – Vita Rug (3 prims, copy/mod)

Flowers: Cheeky Pea – Orchids (6 prims, mod/trans)

Candles: North West – Candlesticks – beige (2 prims, copy)

Drapes: MMGraffiti’s – Curtain-plant (2 prims, copy/mod) and Dutchie –  sculpted curtains (5 prims, copy/mod)

Stuffie: Adoration Home Babies – Blue Giraffe (1 prim, copy/mod)


Wallpaper: inSight Designs Textures – Faded dreams wall textures

Flooring: inSight Designs Textures – Country Carpenter


Say what?

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